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Social Studies Journals

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The journals listed in this section are especially relevant to social studies educators. In particular, Social Education and The Social Studies provide articles on pedagogical strategies for both primary and secondary social studies teachers. 


Research journals include Theory and Research in Social Education and Social Studies Research and Practice.


Theory and Research in Social Education

The journal, published by the National Council for the Social Studies, provides articles based on systematic research and thinking in social education. Its purpose is to foster the creation and exchange of ideas and research findings that will expand knowledge and understanding of the purposes, conditions, and effects of schooling and education about society and social relations.


Social Education

This is the official journal of the National Council for the Social Studies. It provides articles on approaches, strategies, and methods for social studies education based on research.


The Social Studies

A peer-reviewed journal written by K-12 classroom teachers, teacher educators, and curriculum administrators with special sections that provide teachers with a forum for sharing instructional ideas and commentary and perspectives on current issues in social studies education.


Social Studies Research and Practice

This journal is a peer-reviewed, electronic journal that focuses on providing a venue for P–16 social studies research and practice manuscripts, lesson plans, reviews, and issues related to higher-level learning outcomes.         


Journal of Social Studies Research (JSSR)

An internationally recognized peer-reviewed journal designed to foster the dissemination of ideas and research findings related to the social studies. JSSR is the official publication of The International Society for the Social Studies (ISSS).


International Journal of Social Education

This is the journal of the Indiana Council for the Social Studies.