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Conceptualizing Chapter 9

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Facing Challenges and Change


What is the purpose of the chapter?

How does Chapter 9 connect to other chapters?


Chapter 9 is less about the story of Venice than about the consolidation of understandings developed from chapters 1 to 8. The story of Venice’s rise and fall is better approached from the perspective of applying lessons from its rise and fall to thinking about the past, present and future of Singapore. 


Connections between the factors which accounted for Venice’s rise and fall and those which accounted for Singapore’s development and successes thus far can be made. Examining if and how (and if not, why not) factors leading to Venice’s fall may occur in Singapore is also a good way of consolidating students’ understandings. 


A possible question that can be used to facilitate discussions: 

“Singapore has the resources and strategies to manage future challenges, and will not fall like Venice did”

Additional resource: Article by Kishore Mahbubani ‘Can Singapore Fail?’
(free access from his website


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