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Conceptualizing Chapter 8

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Conceptualizing Chapter 8
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Sustaining Economic Development


What is the purpose of the chapter?

How does Chapter 8 connect to other chapters?


How do we understand the multi-faceted impact of globalisation?

  • Connections between the different dimensions (effects from political, cultural and economic mutually reinforce each other)
  • Balanced perspectives needed on all dimensions.


How do national economic strategies aimed at helping Singapore thrive in a globalizing world demonstrate governance in action?


  • Changing to stay relevant: taking chances with new, niche industries
  • Reward for work and work for reward, opportunities: foreign talent policies, encouraging Singaporeans to venture forth in foreign markets.


How are issues related to Bonding Singapore also evident here?

  • Challenges with influx and residency of foreigners. Developing a sense of belonging for them, encouraging locals to play a part in integrating them in society.
  • Sense of belonging for Singaporeans living abroad. Recall the debate about dual citizenship (possibility of allowing Singaporeans take on another citizenship) that took place a few years back.



What do I already know about the workings and how would I assess Singapore’s success in sustaining economic development?

What do my students already know/what are my students’ existing perceptions?


What are my personal opinions? 

How will I assess the success of the approach? 

How can I find out/shape my students perceptions?


Singapore’s economic development and successes are explained and analyzed in a wide variety of sources but it is important for yourself and your students to be able to explain these developments and successes in a balanced manner – neither taking it for granted nor recognizing only its successes.


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