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Conceptualizing Chapter 2

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Conceptualizing Chapter 2
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Understanding Governance


What is the purpose of the chapter?

How does Chapter 2 connect to other chapters?

  1. Understanding structures of government and principles of governance.  Structural frame from which to understand policy making (formulation and implementation).  Try to revisit restructure whenever possible in subsequent chapters. 
  2. Appreciate how principles of governance are embodied in policies via case studies of transport and population planning. Show extent of effectiveness in featured case studies by examining both successes and limitations, including how public opinion has shaped policy making. 
  3. Create clear linkage with Chapter 3 by firstly revisiting role of government in healthcare and also how principles of governance are evident in healthcare policies. 



What do I already know about the role of governance in Singapore?

What do my students already know/what are my students’ existing perceptions of government?

What factors influence their perceptions of governance? 

  • Need to deepen own knowledge about role and effectiveness of governance in various domains (get both official versions as well as views from the ground via governmental websites, media commentaries and blog sites. 
  • Probably first/initial exposure for most students. Be aware of factors influencing perceptions (role of media, personal experiences and family background etc). Get students to surface these perceptions as early as possible so as to manage the introduction of balanced perspectives. 


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