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Our teaching resources are designed to help instructors at all levels make social studies classroom practice meaningful, relevant, responsive, and powerful. This section of the web site welcomes contributions from teachers and scholars.


Particular areas of contributions might include: 

  • Scaffolds/guides, strategies, and lesson plans that support source work and target skills;
  • Scaffolds/guides, strategies, and lesson plans that support student learning of subject matter (e.g., teaching/learning about concepts, about issues, etc.);
  • Assessments and assessment strategies;
  • Recommended documents (e.g., photos, speeches, political cartoons, etc.), films, web sites, and other resources for teaching;
  • Classroom handouts and worksheets, subject matter guides;
  • Film guides;
  • Lesson "hooks", prompts, or strategies that activate students' knowledge;
  • WebQuests, Web Inquiry Projects, and effective uses of technology; 
  • Inquiry-based activities.

It is our hope that these resources will provide teaching strategies, lesson plans and activities, scaffolds to support student learning, subject matter guides, assessments, and other resources that social studies educators in Singapore will find useful and be able to adapt or modify to suit their classrooms.

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